First Official Entry

About my week…

I am so excited to show everyone my new website and blog!  I’m writing this before this official reveal, cause I’m hoping to have a pattern figured out and established by then.  So, my week has been homework.  Who would have though that one Psychology of Personality online class would take over my life.  I’ve started taking my dog for walks again, now that it warm, to help with my health and her brain stimulation.  I have also been using these walks to listen to some podcasts about writing.  Right now I’m still on the one’s from Find Time To Write, and after that I’ll have to look up some more, but already they have made a difference, like this website and blog.

About my writing…

So, I have discovered recording memos.  I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies, which means I like to talk to myself, say ideas out loud.  I realized that if maybe if I recorded them, I would actually be able to remember them and use them.  So, that is what I’ve been doing with chapter two of Dragon’s Flame’s outline.  Tomorrow I will be spending my 30 minute break listening to those recordings and writing down what I need for the outline.


Hello!  I am Jordan O’Donoghue, but I write under J. A. O’Donoghue.  I am a very new author, with only three books published, and I’m still learning!  This blog is actually one of the things I’ve learned!  I write paranormal young adult romance, and I keep it pretty clean.  My third book, Taken, comes out next month on April 17th, so making sure you check out the pre-order links to the right (not Kindle, because we had a fight, so I can’t do pre-orders for about 6 more months…)

I am a part-time college student working towards a Bachelors in Psychology, then a masters in Social Work, and then an LCSW license.  I also work full-time at my local Dairy Queen, am married, and have two cats and one very naughty 1 and a half year old pit bull/boxer/princess.

Okay, so, about me…

Well, I started writing when I was about 8, in about 1995.  The movie Jumanji had come out, and I had enjoyed it, so of course I read the book.  It inspired something in me, and I basically was rewriting it, which led to my first lesson-copyrighting.  My poor dad tried to explain why I couldn’t just rewrite this book, but I kept it up for a few chapters before life took over and I got a new little sister to distract me.

Fast forward to around 2001-2002, when I attempted my first romance novel.  It was encouraging and sweet, and what I wrote of it got good reactions from my classmates, but it also had my first character death, which I think I enjoyed too much (it was delightfully dramatic though!)  Alas, I never finished it, and I think it died along with the computer that held it.  I think there’s a floppy disk somewhere with a copy, but only God knows where it is.

Fast forward again to 2014.  I had just inhaled the three books that Melissa Haag had written at the time and I had a itch that I hadn’t felt in years.  So I started writing, first on Dairy Queen receipt paper, then on my laptop.  It was months before I realized that I was going to actually finish a book.

Today I now have two published books, Finding Grace and Stolen, and my third book, Taken, comes out in less than a month!  It has been an incredible experience, and I am still learning!  My fourth book, Dragon’s Flame, is already a product of lessons I’ve been learning, and it’s still in the outlining phase.  I am so excited to show you guys the finished product, hopefully in August!

So, about my blog…

According to the lovely ladies at Find Time to Write, consistency is important.  I can’t promise that, at least not yet.  I’m still kind of feeling out what I want in the blog and what everyone will want to read.  The plan is to post at least once a week.  My posts will hopefully include writing updates, new tips I’ve tried that week, maybe a peek or two, especially with Taken coming out soon, anything fun that happened during the week, pictures of my dog, any books I’ve read recently, etc.  Hopefully I’ll fall into some kind of pattern after a few posts.

About my books…

As I mentioned above, I write paranormal young adult romance.  The three books I’ve written so far, including the coming out, are about werewolves.  My first book, Finding Grace, is about a girl who has been afraid to embrace who she is until she is forced to face her past to protect her future.  Stolen and Taken are the first two books in The Lost and Found series, which is about four different girls who have one thing in common-they attract werewolves, and not just the sexy kind.

The next two books in this series are:



(dates are subject to change)

My next book, Dragon’s Flame, is the first book of my new series, In the Night.  It’s about a girl who has to face her daddy issues when she learns that monster hunting is in her blood.  It is currently in outline mode, but I’m planning on working hardcore on it in the summer when my class is over.

The next three books in this series will be:

Wolf’s Cry-2017

Heart’s Blood-2018

Sparks of War-2019

(dates are subject to change)

So, my question to you is, what kind of stuff would you like to see?