First Official Entry

About my week…

I am so excited to show everyone my new website and blog!  I’m writing this before this official reveal, cause I’m hoping to have a pattern figured out and established by then.  So, my week has been homework.  Who would have though that one Psychology of Personality online class would take over my life.  I’ve started taking my dog for walks again, now that it warm, to help with my health and her brain stimulation.  I have also been using these walks to listen to some podcasts about writing.  Right now I’m still on the one’s from Find Time To Write, and after that I’ll have to look up some more, but already they have made a difference, like this website and blog.

About my writing…

So, I have discovered recording memos.  I am an introvert with extrovert tendencies, which means I like to talk to myself, say ideas out loud.  I realized that if maybe if I recorded them, I would actually be able to remember them and use them.  So, that is what I’ve been doing with chapter two of Dragon’s Flame’s outline.  Tomorrow I will be spending my 30 minute break listening to those recordings and writing down what I need for the outline.

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