Two Weeks Until Taken!

About my week…

Well, it’s garden time in the O’Donoghue household!  This week our garden area was tilled, so today I have been looking at fancy strawberry toys since we can’t stop the tilling guy from tilling our strawberries…Anyway, so we’re buying fancy strawberries and this coming weekend we will be plant shopping and planting!!  This is exciting for me because I am a canner.  I LOVE to make homemade tomato sauce with homegrown ingredients (well, as many as I can grow, the rest I do buy…) and I love to can it!  I have also started growing my own herbs, which makes canning even more fun for me!  Don’t worry, you all will get lots of pictures, or you can go to my Facebook page and look at pics from the last few years.

I have also been reading Desni Dantone‘s Avenging Heart, the fourth and final book in her The Ignited series!  Guys, this book was intense!  Like, intense as in I went on Facebook and kind of fussed at Desni because of one of the scenes…but she handled it amazing, and the ending was so good!!  Definitely one of the few series that I will read over and over again!

About my writing…

So, this weekend I finished outlining chapter two of Dragon’s Flame!  I am very happy with how it’s going, I’m just afraid I won’t be able to get it done by May 12, which is when my horrible class is finally over and I can officially start on The Summer of the Dragon!

What is The Summer of the Dragon?

Well, as you all know, I have been constantly researching platforms and advertising, and that has lead me to articles about writing, like how to writing novels and have a full time job.  One of those tips was to have a specific, yet achievable, word count to hit.  Using this tip I devised a plan for my three months of educational freedom, based on a 50,000 word novel, which I will always aim for.

My summer break runs from May 13-August 22, 98 days.  This results in roughly 511 words a day.  So, my goal, starting on May 13th, is to write a minimum of 511 words a day.  Of course, I’ll won’t just stop at 511 words if I don’t have to, but it gives me a goal for each day.

My plan until then is to outline like crazy, finding and saving the info i need, so that once May 13th hits I can just go.



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