Dorian’s Day.

img_8214So, as you all know, Taken comes out this Sunday!  Yay!  But for me, Sunday is a little more special than that.  I chose April 17th as my release date because it is the  year anniversary of the death of my first pit bull, Cooper.

I have always been a pit bull advocate, even when I was too young to understand what that meant.  All I knew was that it was stupid to hate a dog because of its breed, especially when it was humans who made them fight.  And yes, I have been bitten by a dog before, and vicious little brown something or other that we had adopted when I was a child.

Cooper was my first personal experience with a pit bull.  I gave him special attention everyone else was mean to him because he was part pit.  So of course I fell in love with him.  I even created the character, Dorian, the pit bull in Finding Grace, because of him.  He never lived to see it published.

April 13th, 2015 I learned he had been sick and was suspected to have been poisoned.  April 17th my husband broke the news that he had died.

I dealt with my grief by publishing Finding Grace with his story in the back, and I decided, in his memory and honor, that any royalties I got from it would be donated to Villalobos Rescue center, a pit bull rescue from the show Pit bulls and Paroles, which I had planned to watch with him, and which I now watch with his little sister, Gremlin.

For Sunday only, for every copy of Finding Grace purchased, I will add a dollar to the royalties from it.  I will also add a dollar for every honest review.

For more information or to keep track of the current amount raised, check out this page.


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