Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday!!!  And I am blogging live from Lexicon 2016!!  Lexicon is a board game convention that is held in Lexingotn, KY every year around my birthday.  I get to watch my husband be really geeky, which apparently I find really attractive (go for the geeks, girls), hang out with some great people, discover local businesses, and go on a geeky shopping spree.  Like, this year alone I bought a Supernatural shirt, “Bad Wolf” and Weeping Angel vital figurines, fancy coffee, gourmet popcorn, and pretty chain mail jewelry.

I have also been working on my Dragon’s Flame outline, and am now working on chapter four.  I know, it’s going really slow, but this outline is really detailed, so once I start writing, I will already know exactly what’s going on and why.  I have about three weeks until my horrible class is over, and then The Summer of the Dragon can begin!

I am also having booth envy. I really want a booth next year, but I’m afraid to spend the money it would take without a chance of selling anything. I know, there’s no reward without risk, but it’s more about convincing my husband to let me spend that kind of money when I might not sell anything. So, if you have any thoughts or ideas about this or building local following, leave them in the comments!

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