Lexicon/Birthday Weekend

About my week

My week was slightly more eventful than normal, but not by much.  I had a job interview Wednesday that last about ten minutes, so probably didn’t get it, though I feel like I did as good of a job as you can with ten minutes.  It would be a part time job, which would mean more time for writing and maybe taking a second class next semester, but if I don’t hear anything by the end of the week then I guess the search continues.

img_8250And as most of you should know if you read yesterday’s special birthday post, I’ve been at Lexicon all weekend!  It’s a board game convention that we started going to three years ago, and this year was the first time I got to go all three days!  As I type, my cute, geeky husband is playing in his first tournament, Star Wars-X-Wing, and it is so cute!  I’m telling your girls, date a geek.  There are some really cute ones out there, and they really make life more fun.

My goal is to have a booth next year, since I should hopefully have five books out, with Lost hopefully being a new release.

And, of course, yesterday was my birthday, which was spent at the Con.  It was probably the first time I have been able to write, read, and knit in months, and was incredibly relaxing.  Then we went out for burgers and ice cream!

About my writing

So this weekend has probably been the first time in a while for me get this much writing done.  I was able to detail outline up to chapter six, and I have decided to attempt 19 chapters of about 3,000 words each.  I have done a rough outline for this, and I’ll need to come up with a couple more conflicts, but I figure I’ll never get better if I don’t try, so we will see how it plays out.

I also feel like I should do a giveaway, because of the birthday thing, but, honestly, I’ve have horrible luck with giveaways.  That, and I need to make it in a way that help markets my books, but having a free book with my newsletter hasn’t seemed to help much either.  So, if you have any tips or ideas for giveaways and marketing, feel free to comment!

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