Happy Memorial Weekend!

About my week…

So the sun decided to stay out more this week, and our garden is exploding!  The plants are getting taller, we’ve got some tomatoes on the vine, and this week we’ll need to get supplies for a simple fence to put around it, cause we’ve lost a lot of crop to animals in the past years, and we refuse to this year!  I also got to cut some of our home grown romaine lettuce this week, and use it for tacos!  I know, not as cool as a big salad, but it was still really fun for me!

I also got off work early yesterday and was able to surprise husband and Gremlin in her training class!  The only time available was while I was at work, so I haven’t been able to go to any of them, so it was nice to meet her trainer and see what they’ve been working on.  We also bit the bullet and got her a non pulling harness and leash.  Oh, and I’ve just realized, her birthday is two months from today!  She’ll be two!  Oh, and when we went to the dog park Friday night, she didn’t jump on a child!!  Huge victory!

Gotta love being a puppy mom!

Today I had a date day with the husband in Lexington, KY, shopping at various Half Price Books for lovely, geeky collectibles while he shopped for role playing books!  Then we stopped by Legendary, who we discovered at the Lexicon in April, located on North Ashland, and Rusty Scabbared on Lane Allen.

We are ending the trip with dinner at the Movie Tavern in Nicholosville, where we will be watching the new X-Men:  Apocalypse!

About my writing…

Well, as I expected would happen, because husband is high maintenance when he’s home, I am behind in my word count.  Chapter two has reached my goal of 3,000 words, but ending it is being difficult.  I’ve have started hand writing chapter three when I can’t access technology for chapter two, so I’m still working hard to write at least a sentence a day, lol.  Hey, the writing gods just say to write everyday, they never say how much!  Because I expect to stay behind in my word count goals, I think I safe in saying that Dragon’s will probably not come out until December.  So I’m hoping for a release date of Dec. 21, which is my late brother’s birthday, and who this book will be dedicated to.  I’m not setting anything official, because everytime I do, I end up stressed and not doing everything properly, and this time I am determined to start this series off right!

I am also very happen to announce that Wolf’s Cry is back on the list!  As you may remember, a couple entries ago I had announced Wolf’s Cry (Rose’s Story) was being cut because, while it had a cute love story, it did not move the main story along at all.  Well, apparently Rose was not okay with this, because yesterday morning at work I was hit with EXACTLY how Rose moves the story along.  Like, three different conflicts hit me in the span of five seconds.  So, Wolf’s Cry is back as the second book of the In the Night series, and will hopefully go out Fall/Winter of 2017, after Lost from The Lost and Found series hopefully comes out Spring/Summer.

The Sunshine after the Rain

It has been raining here FORVER and we finally got some sunshine today!  But it’s also suppose to rain again in two days.  I don’t know how our garden is supposed to survive this.

About my week…

So, I have been slacking on my writing already.  I think there were only two days that I made my writing goal.  In my defense, I had to research a few things, as well as do some errands for the husband, who is loving the fact that I’m out of school.  We also had to do some work in the garden.  I’ve already lost some baby Roma tomato plants to the rain, but the older ones survived, so I’m still hoping for a good crop for canning in the Fall.

Another reason for slacking is that Monday, my husband and I celebrated seven years of marriage!!  I got a beautiful sapphire earring and necklace set, and my husband got X-Wing toys-er, I mean-figures.

About my writing…

I am now in Chapter 2, working on Scene 3 right now!  I am go excite with how it’s turning out already, even though it’s barely started!  As I mentioned before, I am way behind in my word count goals.  It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been rewatching Merlin on Netflix while I write, but I need my Netflix!  Or at least the background noise from it!

SOTD teaser…

I was about to get into my car when I heard a familiar voice say, “Miss Lake, please hold on!”
Against my better judgment I stopped. I watched as a forest green Accent hatchback pulled up to my yard.
“Do I know you?” I asked as the driver quickly got out. He looked to be at least six feet tall, and was wearing a tank top and shorts that showed off toned calves and stacked arm muscles. He had short, dark red hair and as he walked over I noticed that his eyes were a bright jade green.
“I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all week.” He held out his hand. I’m Erent, Erent Cress,” we shook hands, “and I would like to buy your father’s house.”
“Excuse me?” I asked.
“I’m interested in buying your father’s house.”
“How did you found out about this house? I didn’t even know about it until a few days ago?” I gave him a second to answer, but when he didn’t, I continue, “The house is not for sale, and if I do decide to sell, it’ll be through a realtor, so you would need to contact them. Actually, how did you get this address?”
Erent looked pensive for a moment, and then said, “Because your dad gave it to me. That house is where I live. There’s actually a group of us.”
I had been wrong, he did have a family! But then why did he leave them out of the will?
“Wow, what a jerk. I guess he loved you a little less than me, huh?”
He gave me a strange look, and then his eyes went wide as he realized what I was saying, “Oh, no, it’s not what you think….”
“Well, I guess I’ll find out when I get there.” I turned to head back to my car.

Week One of Freedom!

First, I want to thank my eight followers for choosing to follow this blog.  I don’t know if it was because you like what I write and find it inspiring, amusing, or if you just feel sorry for me (LOL), but thank you!!

Also, I’ve noticed that I’ve had a few downloads, buys, and Kindle Unlimited reads on my books, so if anyone has actually read them, plus let me know how you felt about them by leaving a review on the site you bought/downloaded them.  Did you love them?  Hate them?  Why or why not?  All it takes is one or two sentences!!  I know this, because I’m awful at writing reviews myself, and I just can’t elaborate like my fellow readers can, so I just say how I felt about the book and why.

About my week…

So, if ya’ll read my post from yesterday, I have officially finished class this semester and have officially started on Dragon’s Flame!!  I have outlined my attempted at a three month novel, so I won’t bore ya’ll with a repeat.  My tentative schedule this week it work till about 2, then come home and change, take Grems to the park for a walk-to try to get healthier while getting her use to the park for softball games, then come home and alternate cleaning and writing ever thirty minutes until my husband comes home.

This weekend I bought my badge for GenCon2016!  I also signed up for my events, and I am pretty booked!  Well, except Sunday.  I am doing a butt load of writing seminars, but I’m also doing a color work knitting class, and a leather book binding class!  I’m going to learn about book producing finances, marketing stuff, story building stuff, and pretty knitting stuff!  I’m also hoping to do a lot of networking, and coffee drinking while stitching and socializing.  I’ll probably be living tweeting and blogging it too!

My wedding anniversary is also coming up tomorrow!  Seven years of marriage.  It’s tough, but I don’t think I would trade the memories, plus, I seriously don’t think I could find a better guy, at least not a straight one.  He has really let me get away with a lot of crap, and he let me buy a new phone Friday.  I say “let me”, cause Iphones are freaking expensive thanks to the Next plan.  I miss the two year agreement plan so bad.  But my new phone doesn’t have a black spot covering one fourth of the screen!!  And we can play Words with Friends again!

About my writing…

So, I spent last night researching and already have to redo scene two of chapter one.  Bah.  But I lost my list of which season is when, so I also have to figure what season it is.  That, and a book that was only going to last one season might cover a year, so I need to plan that too.  But I love opening a document and knowing I get to work on it.  I’m hoping to do at least 550 words before I go to bed tonight.  Oh, and I found the word tracker on Scrivener, and I can count the words I type of each time I work on it, so tracking my daily word count is going to be so much easier!

This week’s SOTD teaser…

This is actually shorter than i had planned, but, like I mentioned above, I have to scrap most of this scene, but here’s something I can keep!

I starred at my father’s face, noting that he looked older than I remembered him, but then again I hadn’t seen him in at least two years, more if I counted the two years before that, when I had barely seen him.
“Are you alright, Miss Lake?” Officer Daniel asked, interrupting my thoughts.
“Yes, I’m fine. Sorry,”
“There’s no need to apologize. Something like this is ever easy. We’ll call you for the funeral director’s information once he’s released.”
“Thank you,” I said, but my mind was racing. Arraignments? Couldn’t I just throw him in the dump? No, mom wouldn’t have wanted that. She wanted him in the plot next to hers.


Summer of the Dragon!!

Yay, random blog post # 2!  I swear I’m normally not this post heavy.  Heck, I’m usually behind.

As you all know, or should know, my personality of psychology class ended Thursday!!  Thank God!!  Because of this class, I have not had a life, nor have I done any writing.  So, I have spent this semester outlining in preparation for this summer!

What is “Summer of the Dragon?”

The book I’m working on is Dragon’s Flame, from my new series, In the Night, hence the
“Dragon”.  The goal is to finish the first draft of this book by the time school starts back in the Fall, so I can send it to my editor while I do school work, hence “Summer”.

It will run from May 16-August 22, about 92 days.  The goal is 50,000 words.  So, I’m going to set a daily writing goal of 550 words per day.  Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t do more, but this will hopefully ensure continuous work while still getting adult stuff done like work and cleaning and walking the dog.

Now, what does this mean for you guys?  This means that every week, in my weekly update, I will be including an *unedited* teaser from what I’ve written that week.  It won’t be very long, cause then I’d be giving away the whole book, and there’s no guarantee it’ll survive past editing, or if it’ll read the same after, but ya’ll can always tell me if you love it or hate it, if it should stay or go.

Also, I’ll be posting bigger chunks in my monthly newsletter, starting in this month’s, which will go out on the 28, so make sure you’re signed up for that!

This is my first time doing scheduled, serious writing, and I’m excited and nervous at the same time!  So cheer me on and look forward to a little tease in tomorrow’s weekly update!

Mental Health Awareness Month

So, as many people may not know, May is Mental Health Awareness month!!!

Why is this important enough for an middle of the week blog post you ask?

Well, this is actually an INCREDIBLY important subject to me.

One, because I am currently a psychology student with the eventual, when I’m 80 years old, goal of becoming a counselor.

Two, because I have two mental illnesses.

When I was 11-12 years old, I tried to kill myself for the first time.  I was heavily bullied, and with no support from the school or my family, I had lost hope.

By the time I was 13, I KNEW something was wrong with me.  At the time, the only time I had heard the phrase “mental illness” was on TV, when someone was play a psychopath or a schizophrenic person-the major, medicine can’t help them, level.  But I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that something was wrong with me.

So I went to see a psychologist.  It was awful.  She told me that I was crazy, that it was all in my head.

So I tried to kill myself again.

I finally changed schools and had a slight mental break down when I realized that school didn’t have to be hell, that people actually thought I had value.  I just couldn’t mentally comprehend it, especially when my family life didn’t support it.

Hence suicide attempt #3

When I was sixteen, I tried to see the psychologist again, and, again, she told me I was crazy, it was all in my head.  Except this time my parents were getting a divorce, and I learned my first important piece of information:

This horrible woman was my mom’s psychologist.  My mom saw a psychologist.  My mom had known something real was wrong with me the whole time.

I also had to see a new psychologist, because of the divorce.  I knew my new psychologist was different just by the look of her sunlight room (the other woman’s was dark with a tiny, curtained window) with a pretty flower painting.  It oozed positiveity.  She had me diagnosed and set up with a doctor by the end of the first appointment.

I had depression and anxiety, probably passed down genetically from my mom.

I had a really illness.  It wasn’t just in my head.  And there was hope.  There were medicines available that could help me.

My mom wouldn’t let me take any medication, and made me stop therapy, so I had to wait until I was 18 to restart therapy and medication.  But at least I had hope, and I wasn’t crazy.  And my medication?  It was like suddenly a weight had been lifted, there was sunshine where it was once dark.

So why am I telling you this?

Because I am now over 10 years older, I am happily married, I am current in school, and I achieved my dream of being a published author.  All while having two mental illnesses.

I want someone to read this and know that there is hope, that there is life with mental illnesses.  That getting help and medication is important, and not to let a bad experience stop you from having the life you deserve.

One More Week…

About my week…

So, first of all, Happy Mother’s Day!  I personally am not close with my mother, but I do love my mother-in-law, so I guess that works, plus I am a mommy of five furbabies, with two of them over the Rainbow Bridge.

I have an exam this week, and then I’m done with class!  I am so ready!  This is one of the few times I have not enjoyed a class since restarting school, and what sucks is that it’s a class I should have enjoyed, but my instructor decided to be a douche.  This also means I get to start super cleaning my house, because I’ve completely stopped doing anything except work and homework all semester.  I still have work, of course, by no more time sucking homework!!

About my writing…

So, this weekend I made a few decisions.

One, I have created the back story for the main villian in the In the Night series.  I’m still ironing out some of the details, but the basic details are pretty decided.

Two, I have made the choice to cut book two from the In the Night series, at least as a main book.  I still plan on writing it, because it’s pretty adorable, but it doesn’t really contribute to the main story at all, so it’ll probably just be a free short story or something.  I’m still going to try to find reasons to include it as a main story, but until I can, In the Night will be a three book series with the short story as a bonus.

My third decision is a little more immediate and already in process.  I’m changing the spacing and a few pages of The Lost and Found series.  I’m just changing the line spacing to make it easier to read, and to match the spacing of other books in the genre, and putting some info that was in the back more in the front, to make sure it gets seen, which is based on some information I receive in my writing group.

Also, Summer of the Dragon starts in about a week!!  I am so excited to finally start writing Dragon’s Flame, In the Night series, Book 1!  I have been outlining during my lunch breaks at work, and am about a third of the way through, but the basic scenes are all planned!  This means I am hoping to do about 600 words a day, though hopefully more on the weekends, which will hopefully make up 2 chapters a week, which hopefully means at least 6 chapters a month, with 18 chapters in three months, totally at least 50,000 words.  I plan on reporting each week, to help keep me on track, with a short teaser from each new section each week.  Plus, if you join the newsletter, you’ll get an even bigger teaser once a month!

First May Update!

Ugh, I missed my three o’clock deadline.  According to my stats, that is when I get the most readers.  I don’t know if it’s true, but since I don’t seem to have any followers, or readers, I’m not taking any chances!

About my week…

My class is almost over, the countdown has begun, and is listed at the bottom of this page, to the right, and I can not be more excited.  This class has been ridiculous!  I had an exam with only two days available to study, since I had outlines and discussions and a quiz to complete, but I still managed a C.

My husband and I also got our garden planted this week!!  I am so excited about all the Roma tomato plant I have!!  I think it’s eight, so lots of sauce if this year goes well!   We also got this fancy strawberry pyramid thingy from Gurney’s online, and so far we’re only sort of impressed, and it took TONS of dirt, but if we get lots of strawberries and the tilling guy can’t destroy them anymore, it’ll be worth it.

Oh!  Gremlin when to her first softball game!  She did worse than I had hoped, but was better than I expected.  We had to buy her a new leash, cause she almost chewed her currently leash through, and the new one is chain, so hopefully it’ll be pit bull proof.  She was so mentally stimulated that even though we didn’t walk much, she was dead asleep when we got home.  Once my class is over, we’ll walk at the park more to help desensitize her more.


About my writing…

Well, I am about 1/3 done with outlining Dragon’s Flame, and I can’t stop getting excited about it!  It’ll be a week before I really get to start, and another before I have anything to post about it, but I am so excited about my summer writing plan!

I also have decided on the ending for The Lost and Found series.  Obviously I can’t tell you, and it’s two years out, so it could still change, but I think it’s the only real way it can end.  I have also started a lose outline of Lost, and am still hoping for a Spring release, though it could be Summer.

Don’t forget, my May newletter will be coming out soon, so make sure you get signed up for my mailing list and receive your free copy of Stolen!