First May Update!

Ugh, I missed my three o’clock deadline.  According to my stats, that is when I get the most readers.  I don’t know if it’s true, but since I don’t seem to have any followers, or readers, I’m not taking any chances!

About my week…

My class is almost over, the countdown has begun, and is listed at the bottom of this page, to the right, and I can not be more excited.  This class has been ridiculous!  I had an exam with only two days available to study, since I had outlines and discussions and a quiz to complete, but I still managed a C.

My husband and I also got our garden planted this week!!  I am so excited about all the Roma tomato plant I have!!  I think it’s eight, so lots of sauce if this year goes well!   We also got this fancy strawberry pyramid thingy from Gurney’s online, and so far we’re only sort of impressed, and it took TONS of dirt, but if we get lots of strawberries and the tilling guy can’t destroy them anymore, it’ll be worth it.

Oh!  Gremlin when to her first softball game!  She did worse than I had hoped, but was better than I expected.  We had to buy her a new leash, cause she almost chewed her currently leash through, and the new one is chain, so hopefully it’ll be pit bull proof.  She was so mentally stimulated that even though we didn’t walk much, she was dead asleep when we got home.  Once my class is over, we’ll walk at the park more to help desensitize her more.


About my writing…

Well, I am about 1/3 done with outlining Dragon’s Flame, and I can’t stop getting excited about it!  It’ll be a week before I really get to start, and another before I have anything to post about it, but I am so excited about my summer writing plan!

I also have decided on the ending for The Lost and Found series.  Obviously I can’t tell you, and it’s two years out, so it could still change, but I think it’s the only real way it can end.  I have also started a lose outline of Lost, and am still hoping for a Spring release, though it could be Summer.

Don’t forget, my May newletter will be coming out soon, so make sure you get signed up for my mailing list and receive your free copy of Stolen!


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