One More Week…

About my week…

So, first of all, Happy Mother’s Day!  I personally am not close with my mother, but I do love my mother-in-law, so I guess that works, plus I am a mommy of five furbabies, with two of them over the Rainbow Bridge.

I have an exam this week, and then I’m done with class!  I am so ready!  This is one of the few times I have not enjoyed a class since restarting school, and what sucks is that it’s a class I should have enjoyed, but my instructor decided to be a douche.  This also means I get to start super cleaning my house, because I’ve completely stopped doing anything except work and homework all semester.  I still have work, of course, by no more time sucking homework!!

About my writing…

So, this weekend I made a few decisions.

One, I have created the back story for the main villian in the In the Night series.  I’m still ironing out some of the details, but the basic details are pretty decided.

Two, I have made the choice to cut book two from the In the Night series, at least as a main book.  I still plan on writing it, because it’s pretty adorable, but it doesn’t really contribute to the main story at all, so it’ll probably just be a free short story or something.  I’m still going to try to find reasons to include it as a main story, but until I can, In the Night will be a three book series with the short story as a bonus.

My third decision is a little more immediate and already in process.  I’m changing the spacing and a few pages of The Lost and Found series.  I’m just changing the line spacing to make it easier to read, and to match the spacing of other books in the genre, and putting some info that was in the back more in the front, to make sure it gets seen, which is based on some information I receive in my writing group.

Also, Summer of the Dragon starts in about a week!!  I am so excited to finally start writing Dragon’s Flame, In the Night series, Book 1!  I have been outlining during my lunch breaks at work, and am about a third of the way through, but the basic scenes are all planned!  This means I am hoping to do about 600 words a day, though hopefully more on the weekends, which will hopefully make up 2 chapters a week, which hopefully means at least 6 chapters a month, with 18 chapters in three months, totally at least 50,000 words.  I plan on reporting each week, to help keep me on track, with a short teaser from each new section each week.  Plus, if you join the newsletter, you’ll get an even bigger teaser once a month!

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