Summer of the Dragon!!

Yay, random blog post # 2!  I swear I’m normally not this post heavy.  Heck, I’m usually behind.

As you all know, or should know, my personality of psychology class ended Thursday!!  Thank God!!  Because of this class, I have not had a life, nor have I done any writing.  So, I have spent this semester outlining in preparation for this summer!

What is “Summer of the Dragon?”

The book I’m working on is Dragon’s Flame, from my new series, In the Night, hence the
“Dragon”.  The goal is to finish the first draft of this book by the time school starts back in the Fall, so I can send it to my editor while I do school work, hence “Summer”.

It will run from May 16-August 22, about 92 days.  The goal is 50,000 words.  So, I’m going to set a daily writing goal of 550 words per day.  Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t do more, but this will hopefully ensure continuous work while still getting adult stuff done like work and cleaning and walking the dog.

Now, what does this mean for you guys?  This means that every week, in my weekly update, I will be including an *unedited* teaser from what I’ve written that week.  It won’t be very long, cause then I’d be giving away the whole book, and there’s no guarantee it’ll survive past editing, or if it’ll read the same after, but ya’ll can always tell me if you love it or hate it, if it should stay or go.

Also, I’ll be posting bigger chunks in my monthly newsletter, starting in this month’s, which will go out on the 28, so make sure you’re signed up for that!

This is my first time doing scheduled, serious writing, and I’m excited and nervous at the same time!  So cheer me on and look forward to a little tease in tomorrow’s weekly update!

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