Week One of Freedom!

First, I want to thank my eight followers for choosing to follow this blog.  I don’t know if it was because you like what I write and find it inspiring, amusing, or if you just feel sorry for me (LOL), but thank you!!

Also, I’ve noticed that I’ve had a few downloads, buys, and Kindle Unlimited reads on my books, so if anyone has actually read them, plus let me know how you felt about them by leaving a review on the site you bought/downloaded them.  Did you love them?  Hate them?  Why or why not?  All it takes is one or two sentences!!  I know this, because I’m awful at writing reviews myself, and I just can’t elaborate like my fellow readers can, so I just say how I felt about the book and why.

About my week…

So, if ya’ll read my post from yesterday, I have officially finished class this semester and have officially started on Dragon’s Flame!!  I have outlined my attempted at a three month novel, so I won’t bore ya’ll with a repeat.  My tentative schedule this week it work till about 2, then come home and change, take Grems to the park for a walk-to try to get healthier while getting her use to the park for softball games, then come home and alternate cleaning and writing ever thirty minutes until my husband comes home.

This weekend I bought my badge for GenCon2016!  I also signed up for my events, and I am pretty booked!  Well, except Sunday.  I am doing a butt load of writing seminars, but I’m also doing a color work knitting class, and a leather book binding class!  I’m going to learn about book producing finances, marketing stuff, story building stuff, and pretty knitting stuff!  I’m also hoping to do a lot of networking, and coffee drinking while stitching and socializing.  I’ll probably be living tweeting and blogging it too!

My wedding anniversary is also coming up tomorrow!  Seven years of marriage.  It’s tough, but I don’t think I would trade the memories, plus, I seriously don’t think I could find a better guy, at least not a straight one.  He has really let me get away with a lot of crap, and he let me buy a new phone Friday.  I say “let me”, cause Iphones are freaking expensive thanks to the Next plan.  I miss the two year agreement plan so bad.  But my new phone doesn’t have a black spot covering one fourth of the screen!!  And we can play Words with Friends again!

About my writing…

So, I spent last night researching and already have to redo scene two of chapter one.  Bah.  But I lost my list of which season is when, so I also have to figure what season it is.  That, and a book that was only going to last one season might cover a year, so I need to plan that too.  But I love opening a document and knowing I get to work on it.  I’m hoping to do at least 550 words before I go to bed tonight.  Oh, and I found the word tracker on Scrivener, and I can count the words I type of each time I work on it, so tracking my daily word count is going to be so much easier!

This week’s SOTD teaser…

This is actually shorter than i had planned, but, like I mentioned above, I have to scrap most of this scene, but here’s something I can keep!

I starred at my father’s face, noting that he looked older than I remembered him, but then again I hadn’t seen him in at least two years, more if I counted the two years before that, when I had barely seen him.
“Are you alright, Miss Lake?” Officer Daniel asked, interrupting my thoughts.
“Yes, I’m fine. Sorry,”
“There’s no need to apologize. Something like this is ever easy. We’ll call you for the funeral director’s information once he’s released.”
“Thank you,” I said, but my mind was racing. Arraignments? Couldn’t I just throw him in the dump? No, mom wouldn’t have wanted that. She wanted him in the plot next to hers.


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