Happy Memorial Weekend!

About my week…

So the sun decided to stay out more this week, and our garden is exploding!  The plants are getting taller, we’ve got some tomatoes on the vine, and this week we’ll need to get supplies for a simple fence to put around it, cause we’ve lost a lot of crop to animals in the past years, and we refuse to this year!  I also got to cut some of our home grown romaine lettuce this week, and use it for tacos!  I know, not as cool as a big salad, but it was still really fun for me!

I also got off work early yesterday and was able to surprise husband and Gremlin in her training class!  The only time available was while I was at work, so I haven’t been able to go to any of them, so it was nice to meet her trainer and see what they’ve been working on.  We also bit the bullet and got her a non pulling harness and leash.  Oh, and I’ve just realized, her birthday is two months from today!  She’ll be two!  Oh, and when we went to the dog park Friday night, she didn’t jump on a child!!  Huge victory!

Gotta love being a puppy mom!

Today I had a date day with the husband in Lexington, KY, shopping at various Half Price Books for lovely, geeky collectibles while he shopped for role playing books!  Then we stopped by Legendary, who we discovered at the Lexicon in April, located on North Ashland, and Rusty Scabbared on Lane Allen.

We are ending the trip with dinner at the Movie Tavern in Nicholosville, where we will be watching the new X-Men:  Apocalypse!

About my writing…

Well, as I expected would happen, because husband is high maintenance when he’s home, I am behind in my word count.  Chapter two has reached my goal of 3,000 words, but ending it is being difficult.  I’ve have started hand writing chapter three when I can’t access technology for chapter two, so I’m still working hard to write at least a sentence a day, lol.  Hey, the writing gods just say to write everyday, they never say how much!  Because I expect to stay behind in my word count goals, I think I safe in saying that Dragon’s will probably not come out until December.  So I’m hoping for a release date of Dec. 21, which is my late brother’s birthday, and who this book will be dedicated to.  I’m not setting anything official, because everytime I do, I end up stressed and not doing everything properly, and this time I am determined to start this series off right!

I am also very happen to announce that Wolf’s Cry is back on the list!  As you may remember, a couple entries ago I had announced Wolf’s Cry (Rose’s Story) was being cut because, while it had a cute love story, it did not move the main story along at all.  Well, apparently Rose was not okay with this, because yesterday morning at work I was hit with EXACTLY how Rose moves the story along.  Like, three different conflicts hit me in the span of five seconds.  So, Wolf’s Cry is back as the second book of the In the Night series, and will hopefully go out Fall/Winter of 2017, after Lost from The Lost and Found series hopefully comes out Spring/Summer.

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