Also, This Week’s Update

About my week…

So, I figure doing two different posts for Father’s Day would be best, so this is the actual update.  Sunday I thought I had allergies, but Monday I figured out quickly that I actually had a cold.  Colds suck.  They sound so simple, but they suck so much!  So, needless to say, I barely got anything done besides work and rest.

I did, however, finish Stacie Marie Brown‘s Fire in the Darkness, book two of her Darkness series.  It is addictive, and sad, and made me gasp in places.  It is New Adult, I believe, because it does have one sex scene, but it’s still a very good read, and I will be getting the next book tonight.  And Audible narration?  A life saver.  I don’t like to use it, but when your dog wants to play, or you need to cook, but you’ve just gotten to a good part?  Life saver.

So, if you read my last post about my Father’s Day Adventure, you know that I spent the day at Cumberland Falls in Corbin, Kentucky.  Here’s some pictures and videos, and make sure that if you ever pass through Kentucky that you come and see it!

Oh, and the job interview?  Didn’t get the job.  Oh well, on to the next one.

About my writing…

Needless to say, I barely got any writing done this week, which puts me about 10,000 words behind.  I did, however, finish chapter three, finally, and have started on chapter four pretty strong.  Since this chapter should require less research, I’m hoping it will fly by.

Even though I am way behind on my word count, I am very happy with how everything else has turned out so far.  My three chapters are all at over 3,000 words, which thrills me.  I’m even having to bump scenes to the next chapter, which helps make sure the next chapter will make count.

Also, I’ve started seriously looking at cover photos, and I think I’ve decided on the one for Dragon’s Flame.  The problem is that she’s a brunette, but it’s so perfect that it looks like Riley is going brunette.  It works though, cause Rose’s cover photo, which I picked out before I even invented her cause it’s such an awesome pic, features a dirty blond, so Rose is now a blond.  The other problem is that there’s fog, which will interfere with the picture that will be involved, so hopefully I’ll be able to cut it all out correctly!

SOTD Teaser

I kept my emotions contained until I reached Erent’s room and shut the door. The I proceeded to release my anger in an immature, but non-destructive fashion. I punched the mattress, screamed into the pillows, and paced back and forth, mumbling to myself. Finally I exhausted myself and I sat on the bed. I knew Rose wasn’t home anymore. During my fit I had seen her car drive off, so I knew it was safe to go downstairs. But now that I had calmed down, I was embarrassed by my behavior; I was too old for temper tantrums like that. So I stayed upstairs and entertained myself with movies and social media.

Erent came by a couple of times to check on me, knocking on the door. I ignored him, not ready to talk about what happened. The second time he knocked, he let know they were leaving for the night, just like the night before. My eyes flew to the clock, surprised by how late it was. I stayed silent, and waited for their SUV to leave, just like last night.

I watched their headlights disappeared, then I opened my door. I went downstairs and poked around in the kitchen, thankful to find leftovers from the pizza they had bought for dinner. I ate two slices as I went out the front door to my car. I unlocked it, then took the boxes and packing tape out and brought them inside. I took the immediate right into the hallway, but I passed the doors to Carl’s room and the basement, and headed straight to the one room I hadn’t touched-my dad’s.

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