Happy Father’s Day!

So, first off, Happy Father’s Day!  I am a daddy’s girl, so this is an important day for me, so I spent it with my dad and two of my sisters on an adventure to Cumberland Falls in Corbin, Kentucky!  This location is important, because not only is Corbin my dad’s birth place, Cumberland Falls is where he collects all his information for his work in biology journals on green salamanders!

My dad is an almost retired biology professor at Eastern Kentucky University.  He has his Doctorate in Herpetology, which is the study of reptiles and amphibians, but his true love is the green salamanders at Cumberland Falls.  He does NOT collect them, or disturb their nature environment.  He observes them, takes notes and pictures, and he does this every couple of weeks year round.

He has always been very encouraging when it comes to his daughters and science.  My dad never hesitated to say no when we wanted to come on his hikes with him, or when we would want to experiment in his lab (under supervision and with limited supplies, of course).

Here he is, in his true element, teaching.

Green Salamander

An unexpected Seal Salamander

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