Sleepy Sunday

About my week…

Ugh, I am so drowsy!  I feel like I have a hangover, except without the alcohol!  But I refuse to let it stop me from giving you guys an update for the week!

So, I am off to do battle with my college tomorrow…again…It’s a complicated story, but the short version is they’ve messed up my records and I refuse to get another override for prerequisites I already have.  So I will do battle and hopefully get everything finally figured out.

I am so excited to make pickles tomorrow!  A couple years ago I made/canned bread and butter pickles quite successfully.  Now husband has requested bitter/dill pickles, and with five cucumbers fresh from the garden, how can I refuse him?  I will also be grinding my now dried herb cuttings, while cutting fresh ones to dry!  I love this time of year!  And I already have tomatoes in the freezer waiting for the rest to turn red so I can jar up a huge batch of them at once!

Also, I got meet my new nephew this week!  I mean, he’s almost five months old, so he’s technically not “new”, but oh my gosh am I in love!  He’s so cute!  Though not very snugly, cause he wants to be able to see everything.  I am making him the cutest fisherman hat!



Also, I have not had any entries to my giveaway, which is kind of disappointing.  I know a lot of people have read my books because of the Kindle Unlimited graph thingy, so unless they were just skipping to the end, there should be a lot of people able to review at least one of my books.

Reminder:  One review = 1 entry for $5 Amazon gift card.  Three reviews = 1 entry for signed set of book PLUS guaranteed set of signed bookmarks!


About my writing…

So, I have basically given up on finishing the rough draft of this book before school starts, let alone a first draft.  I am not even a third of the way through it, though I am close.  Heck, I’m even starting to worry about finishing it in time for the hoped for release date.

But I am so happy with how the story is turning out.  I think I say this in every entry, but seriously, I love this story.  Things are about to get dramatic, and I am so excited!

Also, I am starting to learn more tricks from YouTube on cover design, so I am super excited to create these covers.  I’m still having trouble with Chastian’s cover though-can’t find the perfect guy on Shutterstock, but it’ll be fine.

SOTD teaser…

Work was not usually a great way to meet guys. Yes, handsome guys used banks, but in this day and age most of them had direct deposit, online banking, and phone apps. So, when a good looking guy did happen to grace us with his presence, it was a big deal.

“You know, I’m not usually into red heads, but you have got to check out the guy who just walked in,” Michelle whispered as I finished assisting my customer in the drive thru. I turned around and found Erent walking up to the counter. Dressed in a polo shirt and khaki slacks, he was actually working the teacher look very well.

“Well, this is a surprise,” I greeted him, curious.

“Well, I was in town and thought I would see if you’ve had lunch yet.”

“You just happened to be in the neighborhood, huh?”

“Yeah, so, I thought I would check on you, see how you doing after…everything.”

“Actually, I was just about to send her,” Michelle said. Of course she’d be eavesdropping.

“Well, then I guess that means you’re buying,” I said, sending Michelle an annoyed look, but it did nothing to dampen her excitement. She had been bugging me about dating for almost as long as we’d known each other, and she seemed convinced that was what this was. It also meant an interrogation when I got back.

“I think your friend’s eyes almost popped out of her head,” Erent chuckled as we walked out.

“We don’t get a lot of good looking guys, especially not nice ones.”

“Good looking, huh?” He cocked an eyebrow.

“Well, you’ve got all of your hair and teeth, so you qualify,” I said carefully, trying to take his ego down a notch.

“Wonderful, I’ll keep that in mind,” he said with a smile. “So, what’s good around here?”

“Hmmm,” I overemphasized, “Since you’re paying, there is this steak place…just kidding, but there is this Tex Mex place I’ve been meaning to try, just down this street.”

“That sounds good to me.”

We went it, each grabbing two burrito meals. We took them to a table in the front corner, and we eat took a few bites before I asked Erent, “So, why are you really here?”

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