July Update


So, just a reminder that my giveaway ends this Thursday!  I will be going on Facebook live to announce the winner, as well as to send in my first Finding Grace donation to Villalobos Rescue Center!  We were able to raise over $6 in 6 months, which is kind of disappointing, but it’s a start, right?  I will, of course, be adding my own money to the donation, making a total of $30, enough to buy a bag of dog food.

Also, I will be hosting a 30 minute time slot of the Feral cover reveal at 8 pm est.  I, and other authors, will be having a giveaway!  Join me here on Saturday!

My two weeks…

I know, I suck.  But I did warn ya’ll I’m bad about blogging, or at least I think I did.  Anyway, so my weeks have been pretty boring, except for my emergency room trip Tuesday.  I really hate the ER.  I have been there three times in the last six years, and all three times they have been able to do nothing for me.  This time I went because I was having stomach pain.  Now, as a sufferer of acid reflux, I am familiar with chest pain, because that’s how my gallbladder tells me I pissed it off, and usually laying on my left side helps alleviate that.  This time it was my actual stomach hurting, and there were no other symptoms and no relief.  Of course, everything came back clear, so I was told to see a specialist.  Basically it was just stomach inflammation and went away on it’s own, I just had to be in pain for a few days.

Also, canning season has started!!   I have so many tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, so tomorrow they will become sauce and pickles!  I even have a new immersion blender to play with this year!  This is, I believe, year four since I’ve started canning, and since last year was kind of a bust, I am excited to have such a big crop this year!


About my writing…

So, I am finally almost done with one third of Dragon’s Flame.  It has taken me over two months just to write six chapters.  I am starting to worry about being able to publish in December, because once I’ve finished the book, I still have to edit it, then send it to betas (which I’m trying for the first time), then edit, then send to my editor, then final edits.  And then I’m sure I’ll have the usual war with Smashwords to get my manuscript just right.  I really need to get it out on time because I have people waiting for the next book of my other series, Lost, and I would like that to be done by Spring/Summer.

Plus side-I do have the photos picked out for Dragon’s Flame, so once I get the photos picked for Wolf’s Cry, plus on more, to make five for the Shutterstock five photo bundle, I can start getting the cover put together.

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