And the countdown to Gen Con begins!

About my week…

So, as the title suggests, Gen Con 2016 is officially a go!  This is going to be my first big con, and I am so excited!!   Most of my days are going to filled with writing seminars, which are free and I am really hoping to learn some really good techniques, but I am also talking a knitting color work class and a book binding class, cause I feel like it would be a cool thing to learn!  I will also be cosplaying as a Dalek for at least the first day!

I will also be doing random Facebook Live feeds throughout the four days, so make sure you friend me on Facebook to catch them live.  I will also be live tweeting here as well doing entries about each day right here on this blog!  It will probably involve videos and pictures, so be prepared!

In other news, Gremlin turned two this past Thursday, and I celebrated my author birthday!  Finding Grace turned one, and I was able to donate $6.81 in royalties, plus I added personal money to make it a total of $30, which should be enough to buy a large bag of dog food.  It’s not a lot, but it was amazing for me to be able to use Cooper’s book to help other pit bulls in need.  I will be updating that page after I finish this entry so that it reflects the donation and the plans for the next donation, which will be January 28th.

About my writing…

Well, chapter seven has begun, which makes me kind of sad because I was hoping to be close to finishing the whole book by now.  I guess this shows ya’ll how easy it is for books to take forever to be written!  I mean, I really though 550 words a day was not going to be a big deal, but apparently I was very wrong.  But I am still quite happy with how it’s turning out, and I love the cover, but I’m still in search of the perfect Chastian photo to make it five for that deal.

I am also changing up my newsletter send out dates, so this month’s newsletter will combine July and August and will hopefully come out next Sunday.

SOTD Excerpt…

Watching Katherine and Rose fight was an educational experience. Even though I had watched them train, it was now obvious that they had been holding back. It could have been because of their supernatural abilities, but they seemed to dance rather than fight-leaping, dodging, and spinning, Katherine’s sword reflecting any light it caught.

I contributed as well, using my daggers to cut and stab the few that got past Katherine and Rose. They kept me in the back to try to protect me, but they would also watch when I did battle a foe, as if they were grading me. It was distracting so I started turning my back to them as I made my kills. When I turned around, they had disappeared.

I tried not to be annoyed as I cleaned the blood off my weapons. It might have been because they realized their prattle was distracting, or they thought they were keeping me safe by scouting. I was almost finished when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned, my daggers ready, and found myself face to face with Erent.

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