Gen Con 2016, Day One

For the next four days, I will be doing something a little different and will be blogging about each of my Gen Con days.

My day started off a little more emotional than I expected.  Dropping Gremln off at the kennel was harder than I thought it would be, even though we are very familiar with them and know that they will take great care of her and that she will have a blast there.  It’s so weird knowing we won’t see her for four days, and we both wonder if she’ll realize that we won’t be coming back until Sunday.  But I believe she will have an amazing few days, and more fun than if she had stayed home.

I ended up missing my time management class, but I was able to attend my scene description class, which was amazing and you guys will love what I learned; my social media class, which was okay; my realism class, which was also just okay, and then my reviews class, which kind of sucked.

Then I explored a little bit and am now blogging in the craft room, in which I knitted a little and will be doing a little writing in a bit while waiting for husband to get out of his class at 11.

I haven’t even been in the hotel room yet, but the lobby was very nice, and I took a Uber for the first time, and it was actually a pleasant experience.  I’ve had lots of compliments on my Dalek costume, and someone even asked for a picture with me!

I assume when husband is done we’ll be heading to the hotel and going to sleep, but we’re with his CRAZY group of friends, so who knows!​

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