Gencon 2016 Day 2 and 3

So, last night I wrote an amazing entry about yesterday, and then it got deleted.  So, I am going to tell ya’ll about both days today!  I will not be posting pictures because the wifi here has been sucktastic, so when I get home to KY I will have an entry just for pictures and videos.

So, yesterday was a big day of fighting classes.  I have decided to create worksheets using the information I learned to help make my fight scenes more interesting.  I am afraid that this extra work will make Dragon’s Flame take longer to finish, but I think you guys will enjoy them way more.  

Today I learned about showing my world to ya’ll instead of just telling you about it.  I personally believe I do a decent job doing that, but I definitely learned things that I know I need to improve on.

I also had a class that, while I didn’t really learn a lot, it made me wonder about trying out a traditional publisher.  I can usually do at least one book a year, if not two, and from what they said, most publishers give you a year for a rough draft-which I sure can be different with different publishers.  So it’s something I’m thinking about looking into, but it makes me worry about how much control I would be losing over the cover and such.  It would also mean my book wouldn’t come out for about another year (based on their publishers, again others might be different), and that makes me worry too.

Tomorrow is the last day, and I only have one seminar about money, and then it will all be over.  I am not looking forward to going back to work, but I have had an amazing experience here.

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