Day 4/Last Day of GenCon

So, I’m home, and incredible exhausted.  I only had one seminar today, and we left for KY around 12:30 and got to Richmond around 4:30, got the beastie, then got home around 5:30.  My right hip hurts, my knees hurt, and my feet hurt.

We are SO ready for next year!!

This entry is more of a reflection than anything.  GenCon was an AMAZING experience, though exhausting.  I learned so much and saw things I will never forget.  I will be posting pictures and videos in my next entry, for those who can deal with heavy media.

A few things I learned:

  1. Wear pants, or you will freeze.
  2. If you’re going to bring too much stuff, messenger bags are a bad idea.  My hip and shoulder are in so much pain after four days!  Use a back pack.
  3. Keep a list of vendor booths that look interesting.  Even if you really don’t think you want something from there, write done the number anyway, cause you might change your mind later.  Trust me.
  4. Make sure you give yourself a lot of time for the vendor section, because it’s HUGE!  Plus it closes really early.  Maybe next year I’ll leave Sunday open specifically for shopping.
  5. Uber will be your best friend.  And for the most part they’re really awesome!

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember.

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