My September Pity Party

About my week…

I’ll be honest, besides writing and canning, things have been a bit down here in my world.  Being a fast food worker sucks, but no matter how many applications I do, or how many interviews I get, I can’t seem to get out.  But it’s a job, it’s gets the bills paid.   It’s a shame the skills I learn on YouTube don’t count for anything.

I also have an exam coming up this coming week, which I should be studying for, but I’d rather write.  On the plus side, I don’t write well on Mondays, for some reason, so I’ll take care of it tomorrow.

I got three big jars and small jar of sauce canned today, so there’s that.  I’m hoping I only have enough for one more pot, cause these tomatoes are taking up a lot of freezer room!

About my writing…

So, chapter eight is going well, and the fight at the end is getting worked out nicely, as well as more plot ideas that are going to create some lovely conflicts, not only in this book, but in the next books as well!  My main worry is how slowly planning a fight scene seems to be going, cause that is going to impact how soon the book is finished, aka if it’ll meet the release date I really, really want.

Short and Sweet Update

About my week…

I’m going to be honest, I was thinking about skipping this entry this week (cause lets be honest, I wouldn’t write it tomorrow like I’d tell myself) because the words are flowing, but I do that too much as it is, and it’s not fair to my 20ish followers who might read it.

My week has been pretty uneventful.  My Virtual Teen psychology homework assignment has taught I probably shouldn’t be a parent, which I had figured anyway, lol.  I am still very unsuccessful in my search for a new job, and, while I am grateful to have a job at all, I am having a hard time remembering that while I’m there.  I was also tortured at a softball game, but I got a run and threw two balls!  Yes, that is exciting for me, lol!

About my writing…

I have officially crossed the halfway mark of 25,000!!  This is exciting for me because my last two books were novellas, and I am determined to make this one qualify for novel status, which for a YA novel requires 50,000 words.  Fight scene planning has been going well, so hopefully by the end of September I’ll have chapter eight done!

September Update

About my week…

So, I’ve been a bad, bad author.  I am two weeks behind on my blog.  I suck.

But it’s been a slightly busy two weeks.  I started school on the twentieth and I LOVE my class.  It’s a teen development class, and, as most of you all should know by now, I am a huge advocate for teen mental illness.  It’s the age group I most want to work with, because that is the age when I learned about my own mental illness, and I had to fight hard to learn about it and get treatment.  It also should be an easy A, and if I can get an A in my class next semester, then I should have a 2.0 and might finally get some financial aid, which could be the game changer I need to finally get my degree.

I also had a massive depression episode this past weekend, if you didn’t catch it on Facebook.  They don’t happen often, but when they do, it’s a dozy.  I basically cried, curled up on the couch, and could not move for about half an hour.  After that I had some coffee (with my Hershey’s Chocolate Caramel creamer) which brought me back down and I was able to write.  I was easily able to handle it because I knew what was going on, what it was, and that it would run it’s coarse and I would be okay.  I go public with it because not everyone has educated themselves like I have, or , even worse, some people have never even heard of depression and don’t know how to handle an episode.  I attempted suicide as a teen because of this feeling, so I know what it’s like to not know what I have and that it’s treatable.  This is why I want to be a counselor.

I have also been canning more tomato sauce and salsa as our garden finally dies out.  We go through this cycle where in the late winter and spring we get really excited about what we want to grow, then we get excited about what actually grew and how well it’s growing, then excited about the first harvest.  Then the mosquitoes come out and we get excited about the garden dying.  Thanks to GenCon and depression, I have a ton of tomatoes still in the freezer that I will hopefully put a dent in after I get this entry done.

About my writing…

So, Dragon’s Flame is about halfway done.  Writing has slowed down a bit due to school starting back and research for chapter seven.  I am really worried that I won’t make the Dec. 21 date that I was really hoping for.  In order to have enough time for edits and rewrites and proofs, I really need to finish it by the end of September, but I really don’t see that happening, since I still have half a book lift to write, and most of it is going to involve research to get the scenes just right.  I am hoping that using the worksheets I made using the information I learned at GenCon to plan out the fights in detail will help those scenes go faster, but I am afraid to hope.

So it looks like Dragon’s Flame will be a Spring release instead of a Winter one, which means Lost will, at the soonest, be a Fall release if not a Winter one.