My September Pity Party

About my week…

I’ll be honest, besides writing and canning, things have been a bit down here in my world.  Being a fast food worker sucks, but no matter how many applications I do, or how many interviews I get, I can’t seem to get out.  But it’s a job, it’s gets the bills paid.   It’s a shame the skills I learn on YouTube don’t count for anything.

I also have an exam coming up this coming week, which I should be studying for, but I’d rather write.  On the plus side, I don’t write well on Mondays, for some reason, so I’ll take care of it tomorrow.

I got three big jars and small jar of sauce canned today, so there’s that.  I’m hoping I only have enough for one more pot, cause these tomatoes are taking up a lot of freezer room!

About my writing…

So, chapter eight is going well, and the fight at the end is getting worked out nicely, as well as more plot ideas that are going to create some lovely conflicts, not only in this book, but in the next books as well!  My main worry is how slowly planning a fight scene seems to be going, cause that is going to impact how soon the book is finished, aka if it’ll meet the release date I really, really want.

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