Have I mentioned…

How much I suck at blogging?  Cause I do.  I believe it’s been a month since my last entry.  Softball season is finally over and I had another test in my class.

I also signed up for my first official book signings!  The first one is the Bluegrass Book Bash, located in Corbin, Kentucky, August of 2017.  Tickets and information is here.

The second one is Pages in the Caves be in Cave City, Kentucky in September of 2017.  Tickets are free and are available here, or you can get them free at the door!

Not only do I plan on having Dragon’s Flame published and available by then, I also plan on giving The Lost and Found books a cover redo, and Stolen might get a bit of a polish as well.  I would love to have Lost available by then, but with Dragon’s taking so long, I’m not making promises.

Dragon’s Flame is finally nearing the end.  I have a two chapter left, but they are large chapters, both with fight scenes.  Then I plan to heavily edit it before sending it off to beta readers, who I have yet to pick out.

With this in mind, I do not think I will be able to make the December 21st deadline I was really hoping for.  The reason is that I plan on dedicating this book to my brother, who passed away when I was 6, he was 16.  I believe he is a big part of why I love to read, and therefore how I became a writer.  One of my clearest memories was a Christmas morning, probably our last together, where him and my mom were fighting, so he didn’t get to open presents with the rest of the family.  Instead, mom just handed him two thick paper backs as he went back down to his room.  I don’t know if that was his only gift, but it’s the only moment of that day I remember.

His birthday is December 21st, which is why I was so attached to that date.  But I am afraid the rough draft won’t be finished until November, nand I would still need to edit it into first draft condition, then beta it, send it to my editor, and then send for proofs.  So, my new goal is February 20th.

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