Thanksgiving Weekend Update!

About my week…

Well, another end to a busy week.  It started with me catching a cold right before Thanksgiving, and I ended up putting off working on my paper for my psy class until the weekend, which was fine, cause I’d been working on it for a while and all I had left was to put it all together.  Then there was Thanksgiving itself, which meant watching my adorable nephew get passed around, but I couldn’t hold him cause I was sick.  And then, of course, I had to actually write my paper, which I finished earlier today.

About my writing…

Of course, I also had work, but it was pretty chill.  The only problem I have there is that I am not getting as many hours as I was expecting.  The reason you guys care is that while I am making just enough to pay our bills and get the bare minimum of groceries, I am worried about being able to afford the photos I need to buy for the cover of Dragon’s Flame, let alone the ones to redo The Lost and Found series.  Now, I could go around this and just hav someone else make them who excepts payments from Paypal, for which I could use credit.  But I enjoy learning how to make my own covers, and lets be honest, putting myself in debt is not a good idea.  So, since Feburary 20th is still quite a distance away, I am going to just focus on editing and formatting and figuring out what I want to do with The Lost and Found covers, and if the money never comes, I’ll just figure something out.

Dragon’s Flame is still stewing while I finish out the school semester.  I may have finished the paper, but I still have a presentation to produce and an extra credit paper both due next Monday, so the plan is to start editing is Dec. 6th, providing my teacher doesn’t assign anything else. If worse comes to worse, the lastest I’ll start is Dec. 12, the last day of class.

Lost is slowly coming along.  Using Scrivener’s note card system I am experimenting with a new, rough, outlining system where I started with just listing the important events that I knew need to be in teh book.  Then I put them in chronological order.  Then under each event, I list out the details that surround the event.  Like, Event One is basically Chapter One, where you meet Emma.  Under that event are cards like details about her parents, details about her grandparents, details about her job, just stuff you’d find in Chapter one.  Eventually they’ll be written into scenes, those scenes connected, and then it’ll be broken into actual chapters.  I don’t believe this process will work with any of the books for the In the Night series, but it’s working great with The Lost and Found series so far.



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