A Late New Year’s Post

About my weeks…

Hey guys! I know, I’m a little late with this post, but a lot has been going on. As you know, I started a new job in November, and it was been going extremely well. I’ve started to get the hours I need to survive, which has been a relief, and it leaves me more time for writing than before. It is more physical than my last job, which has resulted in less writing and more relaxing, but now that I’m getting used to it, writing and editing should speed up again.

I am also starting the new school semester next week! This could affect my writing depending on the workload. I am also getting over another cold. Dude. I take a women’s multivitamin, Vitamin C supplements, and Zinc supplements. I have no idea why I’m sick for the third time in two months.

Also, after four years-yes, four- of fighting, of calling, crying, writing, mailing, etc, I finally have health insurance! Yes, it has been that difficult. So, I will finally be able to see a psychiatrist again! I have MISSED mine so much, but she doesn’t take Medicaid, so I am on the hunt for a new one! The hunt starts as soon as I have the energy to complete my research and make an appointment. I will keep you updated, because I wanna show everyone how I handle my mental illness, and how you can too! Maybe I’ll even go live after every appointment…maybe not, lol!

About my writing…

Alright, so, a few things…

First, Dragon’s Flame has been to the editor and back, and it needs a lot of work. Like, to the point that I’m worried it’ll be ready by Feb. 20th. I’m going to wait until Feb. 1st to make an official decision on whether I need to change the release date or not. Most of the work involves character development, which is a weak spot for me. I’ve already got a good start though! I have also bought one of the pictures for the cover, and will be working on different versions to help me decide what other pictures to buy to go with it.

Lost is coming along nicely. It is about 8000 words right now. I’m hoping to finish it by August for Fall book signing.

I have also officially made the decision to redo Stolen. I believe the changes I’m making will greatly improve the story. Taken will get a little work as well, but it’s mostly just smoothing it out a bit. Both books will be rerelease with new covers as well. These all should automatically update on ebooks. I have already started work on Stolen, and it’s already looking much better.

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