Superbowl 2017

I know, I suck. I think I’ve lost the small follow I might have had because I suck at posting. Posting more is part of my New Year’s resolution, so I will have to make sure I try better. What should help is that I got my regular laptop back from the repair shop, so I have no excuses now.

I guess the biggest bit of news I have is that Dragon’s Flame probably won’t come out on Feb. 20th. I got it back from the editor about a month ago, and I’m only on chapter four. Plus side, I’ve added a few thousands words to it, and it’s definitely improved, but between work, school, and husband, time to write is scarce.

Once I know when it’s coming out, I will let you know. At minimum, you will know a week a head of time, though I hope to start advertising for it way before then.

Oh, also, all my books have gone wide, so you can get them only any ereader! Links have been changed under the appropriate book heading.


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