Well, I got my first bad review today…

Or at least I read it today. They actually left it in January. Now, I know what ya’ll are going to say.  “You should read your reviews”, or “everyone gets bad reviews”, and so forth. While it sucks, and I’m feeling pretty bad, it’s something that I needed to hear, that I wish someone had mentioned a long time ago. Stolen sucks, not because of those involved in helping me, but because I was young and excited and impulsive, and hadn’t really learned about character development and world building, which is one reason Dragon’s Flame is taking so long now. Taken was better, but I’ve learned things now that would help it be a better read as well. As I have mentioned, I’ve already made the decision to rewrite Stolen and touch up Taken, so as much as the review hurts, it will actually help me in the long run.

The problem now is, what do I do next? I mean, do I pull Stolen and Taken off everything? Do I make it free until I can fix it? Do I keep selling it, put it in Kindle select again, and just fight with Amazon to update everyone’s copies? I mean, I still have Finding Grace, cause it’s still a good book in my opinion, and Dragon’s Flames will be heavily read by my editor and betas, so it should be fine to publish if I can ever finish it. And lets be honest, I have a tiny following, if any at all, so if I was to pull them and take time off of publishing to fix them while still getting my life together, not many people, if any, would notice.

And then another part of me wonders if I should cancel the signings I signed up for this year, and wait until more money starts coming in from the books instead of spending so much with a small chance, if any, of making some of it back.

Obviously I know I shouldn’t make any actual decisions right now while I’m emotional, but these are things I need to consider, especially when money is so tight. I mean, heck, if I took a year or two off of publishing and marketing and just wrote, maybe I could get a bit of a back stock that’s been properly dissected and really build a following the proper way.

I guess what I’m really looking for is feedback from any authors who have been in my position, or haven’t been, but know what they would do if they were, and feedback from those who have read my books, how they would feel if Lost came out a little later than they were hoping, but with a stronger series to back it up.

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