Warning: Super long entry

TL;DR Seeking advice based on entry contents, which options at the end sound good, or is there a better plan.

So, now that things have calmed down since yesterday, it’s time to explain my thinking process.

First, I want to mention that part of the reason I decided to blog was because I had heard that readers love hearing about authors’ lives, so it was a advertising point. The other part is because I wanted to write about my process- my successes, my struggles, my experiences- so that maybe someone could learn from them. Another part is that maybe someone would read one of my struggles and offer advice. And yet another part is to brainstorm and think, and then get advice about my thinking, which is part of the reason for these last couple of entries.

So, on that note, my entries yesterday were partly the result of emotions from my bad review, but honestly it was more than that. If you have read a few entries back, you know my decision about rewriting Stolen was made months ago. Stolen was actually started before Finding Grace, but was put on the back burner when Grace took over. It was almost a year later when I went back to it, and any notes I had written before it had disappeared. But I was in a hurry to get it done and to build a readership, so I forced an idea that seemed similar to what I had originally wanted and ran with it.

Becca was never fully developed. Jayden was never fully developed. Their relationship was never properly developed. Scene transitions were choppy, and what I thought was an “edge of your seat” cliff hanger was…just bad.

That is why, in short, that Stolen needs a redo. Not because of a bad review, but because of bad writing. Taken was done a little better, but I used terms that readers will probably need to look up, and that takes them out of the story. I’m also sure that their relationship could be developed better as well.

Alright, so right my thought process is actually centered around the current marketing trends. The reviewer mentioned how disappointed they were to find Dragon’s Flame’s teaser at the end of Taken instead of a Lost teaser. The reason this was done was because 1. Lost wasn’t even started yet, and 2. Because Dragon’s Flame was going to be the next book coming out before Lost.

I am learning that most new authors these days don’t actually publish their first book until they have at least three others completed, whether they’re a series or not. So it makes me think that maybe instead of putting Dragon’s Flame out, then making readers wait until Stolen and Taken are rereleased and Lost is published before release the second book in the series, which could possibly be a year later, it might be better to just wait on Dragon’s until The Lost and Found series is caught up and maybe even finished, then put out Dragon’s.

Now, some may think that this is extreme, and maybe it is. That’s why I want to hear what others think.

Should I:

1. Go a head, publish Dragon’s Flame as planned, and then rerelease The Lost and Found series, publish Lost and possibly finish the series off, and then release book two of the In The Night series?

2. Go with the original plan and publish Dragon’s, redo Stolen and Taken, do Lost,  then book 2 of ITN, and then finish the L&F series?

3. Publish Dragon’s as planned, redo Stolen and Taken, publish book 2 of ITN, publish Lost, etc.

Overkill?  Probably, but now is the time to experiment and get things worked out before I build a fan base, if I’m gonna have one.

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