Dating My Characters

So, as most of you should know by now (I mean, I wrote enough entries about it, right), I have decided to pretty much restart my writing career. In short, that means rewriting two of my books, completing a third, and then possibly finishing off the series entirely before republishing them, following whatever marketing trend is current. Between those I’ll be trying to get ahead with my next series so it’s ready to go out as soon as either Lost or Found is out.

I’m hoping that by documenting this process, I can help others not make the mistakes I did.

So, to start off the Stolen redo, I had to make peace with the fact that I suck at character development. Then I decided that it was time to get to know Becca all over again. So I made her character sheet based off of dating. Yes, I have been dating my character. Well, characters, cause I’ve now started working on Jayden’s character sheet as well.  As crazy as it sounds, so far I learned that Becca’s an introvert, that she used to be a spoiled brat, but has since reformed, but is used to the finer things, that she actually has life goals, that she keeps a journal…well, you see where this is going.

It’s nice to be excited about this story again. I really think it’s going to be so much better, and the characters a lot more relatable. I’ve reworked the outline with the update details, so  I’m hoping that by the end of the weekend I’ll be ready to start reworking chapter one.

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