Finally, A Normal Entry

So, now that I got all that crazy out of my system, my entries should return back to normal. I’m already three chapters into the Stolen redo, though I’ve back tracked to chapter one to add something else. While I’m happier with how it’s looking so far, there still seems to be something missing. I’m resolved to not dwell on it and focus on just integrating the new scenes. Then I’ll go back and try to figure it out. If I still can’t, I’ll annoy people until someone figures it out.

The big plan is to have Stolen, Taken, and Lost all publish ready by the end of the year. That’s writing, betaing, editing, formatting, and covers. While I would love to have it all ready before then, I’d rather plan for later so I don’t try to rush again. Then I’ll rerelease the first two books. Depending on how they do, I’ll release the third book and if it does well I’ll release the last book. If the book don’t do as well as hoped, I’ll just combine the third and fourth book and just make it a three book series. This plan is inspired by one used by Heather Hildenbrand, who is amazing, as well as proven marketing concepts other authors I’ve met recently. Granted, the market is always changing, so this plan could change by the end of the year, but I have to start somewhere, right?

Once the drafts for the L&F series are done and out for betaing and editing, I will restart work on the In the Night series. These will also be publish ready before I even release the first book, unless the marketing techniques have changed. I know, that’s giving a lot of control to marketing, but that’s how books get sold.

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