March 12th Update

Yeah, I know, lame title, but I’m low on ideas today.

So, things have been going slowly, but they’ve been going. I’ve set a goal of 100 words a day, which is how much I can get on my phone if I’m super desperate. So far I’ve gotten over 200 words a day, which makes me happy. I’ve set my goal so small because I need a goal that I actually have a chance of meeting, especially if I can’t get on my computer. The real goal is to make sure I’m at least writing something everyday. Even if I’m only adding a couple words a day, it’s still a couple words added.

I have also started bullet journaling. I know, it’s a big fad, but the reason I decided to do one was to help keep track on my word count each day, so I could actually see how many words I’m actually getting done in a day. It’s also helped me keep track of my day better, so I can squeeze writing in where I can while still pulling my weight in my marriage.

But the rewrite of Stolen is going well. I am now working on a completely new chapter in it, and I am really excited with how it’s going, and how excited I feel about writing it again. Dragon’s is going well also, and my characters and their relationships are definitely coming out more.


March Post

Yay March! I am so excited for spring you guys! I hate winter, and spring is my favorite season, and not just because it’s my birthday season!

So, I’m three chapters into Stolen, and I’ve already added over a 1000 words to it. Becca is so much more interesting and relatable now, and I am really enjoying giving her more life. I am also excited about the next few chapters, which will be completely new and fit the story that I wanted so much better. Jayden has been fleshed out more as well, and I think you all will be enjoying him a lot more as well.

Right now I am considering outsourcing my covers this time instead of making them myself. I hate to give up control of them and being able to use them for swag without jumping through hurtles, but the cost to make them legally is just too much for me right now, and it’s cheaper to outsource.

I also had to put a pause on the donate stuff for Finding Grace. If you didn’t already know, I was using the royalties from Finding Grace as a donation for the Villalobos Rescue Center. I can no longer afford to do that and still write, cause I’m dead broke. So, starting this month, I will be using all royalties, as little as they are, for books business. The royalties before March first, which I’ll get by the end of April I believe, will still go to them, since I didn’t make the changes until this month. It breaks my heart, because ya’ll know how much pit bulls mean to me. I mean, have you seen my baby girl? She is the cutest pit bull mix ever! Even if she bites…

Anyway. So I’m kind of thinking of going ahead and making Lost and Found a combined third book instead of two different books. The reasoning is because I’m not sure how well the other two will sell. Not because they’re not good, but because I’m still fighting for a fan-base, it might be best to just wrap it up so I can work on the next series. It’s something I’m still thinking over, and lord knows I have no idea how the handle the last, big fight scene, but it’s a convincing idea.