March 12th Update

Yeah, I know, lame title, but I’m low on ideas today.

So, things have been going slowly, but they’ve been going. I’ve set a goal of 100 words a day, which is how much I can get on my phone if I’m super desperate. So far I’ve gotten over 200 words a day, which makes me happy. I’ve set my goal so small because I need a goal that I actually have a chance of meeting, especially if I can’t get on my computer. The real goal is to make sure I’m at least writing something everyday. Even if I’m only adding a couple words a day, it’s still a couple words added.

I have also started bullet journaling. I know, it’s a big fad, but the reason I decided to do one was to help keep track on my word count each day, so I could actually see how many words I’m actually getting done in a day. It’s also helped me keep track of my day better, so I can squeeze writing in where I can while still pulling my weight in my marriage.

But the rewrite of Stolen is going well. I am now working on a completely new chapter in it, and I am really excited with how it’s going, and how excited I feel about writing it again. Dragon’s is going well also, and my characters and their relationships are definitely coming out more.


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