I swear I’m not dead…

I’ve been breaking all of my New Year’s resolutions. I haven’t kept up with my Facebook fan page, or my author page, or Twitter, or here. Life hasn’t technically been busy, but it’s been complicated. I’ve been avoiding posting because I feel like I’m not getting enough done to talk about, but I’ve also been afraid if I don’t, I’ll lose what few followers I have.

I’ve also had a few brain issues. This past week I had a malfunction that lasted from last Saturday to Friday. Yesterday was the first day that I felt back to normal. During that week, my head became completely silent. I’ve always had stories in my head, characters trying to speak out, to be heard, but this past week, for the first time ever, they were gone. It was awful. I wasn’t depressed or anxious, just…frustrated. I didn’t write or clean the entire week, just worked and knitted.

I finally got some writing in yesterday, and it felt so good. I am loving the new scenes in Stolen, and I think my readers will too. Right now, I’m stuck again, but it’s because I’m working out details for a new scene, not because the voices are quiet. To be honest, I’ve got a few too many, some from books I don’t plan on working on for another couple of years, after my two series are done. Some are new ones trying squeeze in, but they’re not ready yet.