May Check In

At this point, my goal is going to be to make monthly posts, since weekly posts don’t seem to be possible for me right now.

So, I am about halfway through the Stolen rewrites. I’ve added two completely new chapters, along with fixing the others. Now it’s just about readjusting the story line to fit the new events, so hopefully work on it should speed up, especially since school is basically over for the semester.

Right now, my struggle with depression and anxiety is taking priority. I restarted medication in February, but it has not been going well. I have an appointment tomorrow to try something new, so hopefully there will be an improvement on my work ethic. I have been having states of constant brain fog, of zero motivation, as well as major issues focusing. In other words, I was functioning better without medication than I am with it right now. I barely got my work completed, and, to be honest, it was not the best I could have done.

So, right now, this summer is about healing and relaxing, along with working. I will start seeing a counselor for some other issues that have come to light, I will continue to see my doctor and try medications, and I will be attempting a technology diet. I say diet, not fast, because I will still be checking Facebook, but I will attempt to keep it to twice a day, along with still checking email, texts, and messages as they come. I will use my Kindle for reading instead of my phone, since my Kindle doesn’t have another abilities besides reading, and I will be doing the majority of my writing in actual notebooks instead of processors, though I will still type up what I write eventually.

I already did a light attempt at it, and wrote more than five words for the first time in weeks, so I think this is exactly what I need.

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