May Update

So, I finally writing again! One of my biggest fears was that, once I was on my medication, the words would stop. It’s silly, since I’ve been writing since I was, like, 6, but I’ve heard stories where hobbies you picked up without meds go away with meds. Well, now that I’m somewhat balanced, I’m back!

So, quick Stolen update. I’m am now on Ch. 9. I’ve added three new chapters, and 10,000 words to the original. It feels so much better now, and I believe it is becoming what it was supposed to be all along, before Grace butted in and took over. Right now, most of what I’ll be doing is adjusting the old chapters to fit the new ones, but there’s still plenty of new text to be added too. School’s out now, so hopefully I will get this book done by August. My ultimate goal is to have Stolen and Taken beta ready by August, but I refuse to rush them this time- defeats the whole purpose of the rewrites.

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