Omg, Another Entry…

…in the same month! Ya’ll should be proud of me. I don’t know if it’s the meds, but I have been a writing beast this week!

I am over halfway done on Stolen’s new rough draft, on chapter 10 of what is now out of 16 chapters instead of 14, and I’ve started a new, secret project that I am really excited about. It’s still in the planning stages (character names and development, outlines, etc), and I’m afraid to really go into details in case you all get excited about it and then I never finish it. If I do finish it, the hope is that I can put it out between The Lost and Found series and the In The Night series. It is a stand alone, so it’d be perfect for that, and is a bit different than what I’ve been writing so far, but it’s still in the YA romance fantasy genre, though I don’t think it qualifies as paranormal, but we’ll see.

As many of you should know by now, unless you’re a new follower and have not read my past entries, while I have always struggled with anxiety and depression, I have now officially been diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder. I go through hypo-manic and depression phases, but I have more depression phases than hypo-manic ones. I’ve been playing with lowering my processed sugar intake (not cutting it out completely, just lowering it) because it could be a trigger, and I think I’m right. Last night I had a lot of sugar. A Lot. Granted, it might be because I’ve been eating less of it this week (like I said, I haven’t cut it out completely), but it’s also only been a week, not a month, but today I’m having some trouble focusing on tasks, and my brain feels like it’s buzzing a bit, so I might be investing in sugar free stuff from now on. This is going to be interesting.

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