July Update!

Well, I am not where I was hoping to be with Stolen and Taken right now. I went through a Bipolar issue and wasn’t able to do a lick of writing for the last two weeks. Yesterday was the first I wrote more than 2 words. I was hoping to be sending Stolen to betas this weekend, along with being done with Taken and setting it aside for editing. Instead, I am adding ANOTHER new scene to Stolen, which means I’ll have to restart this round of editing, and I’m stuck on a paragraph I’m redoing in the last chapter of Taken.

The new plan is to have Stolen out to betas by the end of July, and maybe even have Taken ready too. Then, God willing, I will have Lost uber outlined, and will be able to get that written up quickly in August.

I am still in the process of outlining Lost, and I’ve started to roughly outline Found, getting all the main events listed out and all. I’m still not quite sure how to make the ending I want work, but I’ll get there when I get there.