November Update

Well, the year is almost over, and so is Lost and Found! I am now past the 15000 word count mark on Lost, and I’m working on the outline of Found. I’m writing about 500 words a day right now, and am over half way done with the rough draft. Once that’s done, I’m edit Taken one more time, then send it out to betas- hopefully before New Years, then the editor twice, and then formatting, all before April. I might even release it a little earlier if I get signed up for a signing event before it’s chosen release date!

As mentioned in a past recent entry, Finding Grace is now wide, so you can get it through most ebook sellers. I’ve decided to try to run an ad every week, even if it’s just a $5-15 dollar budget. It’s a good place to start with advertising, and if it works, I’ll add more money or try for the more costly advertising varieties.

I’ve had a new med added to my Lamectal, call Abilify. I’ve been more productive on it, and have been writing more, but recently (I’ve been on it a few weeks now), I’ve had this cloud in my head that coffee and aromatherapy is not getting rid of , though both do help.

Oh, and I made salsa!



And, finally, Post 3: Writing

Alright. So, a lot has been happening. I’ve decided to get a logo made, got new covers for the L&F series going, and have pick out the tentative release dates for each book. I finally figured out how the series is going to end, and I am really excited about it. I just hope I can do it justice, that I can capture the image in my head in words.

I’ve also decided to rework the blurb for Finding Grace. I’ve realized that it doesn’t really tell the readers about the book, or why they should read it. So, the goal for the end of the year is to have the blurb for Finding Grace redone, have it fixed on the print cover as well as the store sites, to have new bookmarks and other swag things made, and have business cards as well.

I’ve also been exploring “writing to market”. At first, I thought it was a horrible idea. How could I write a book that I didn’t even like? But I researched it a bit, I realized that the idea isn’t to write stuff that you wouldn’t read, but to search the market you’re already interested in and see if you can find a niche that you could be interested in, or a way to adjust how you’re writing. Like, one idea I found that seems to be overdone is female MCs that are loud and tough. One article mentioned that there is a lack of introverted characters that are just as likeable and tough, but don’t have to be mean to be interesting or strong. That’s not the only one, of course, and that could be just one person’s opinion, but it’s just something to think about when creating characters.

Another idea I’ve started playing with is making a journal of story ideas. This journal would basically be a collection of ideas that would get their own little two-five page section that would be used to try to flesh out the idea and see if it’s sometime I can/ want write. That way, when it’s time to decide on my next project, I already have an idea of what I’ve got ready.

Basically I’m just playing with ideas I get from the different writing groups I’m in, and the different writing friends I have. I never realized how much learning there was, and how there seems to always be something to learn. It’s definitely an interesting journey though!

November Post 2: For readers

This one’s gonna be pretty short. Stolen will be released January 29th of 2018. The book itself is done, it’s just waiting on formatting and the cover. Taken still needs a read-through before being sent out to betas and then the editor, but I’m hoping for it to go out April 24th. Lost is at almost 12,000 words, and I’m thinking about August 28th for it’s release, and October 23 to end the series with Found. I am excited to say, I now officially know how the series will end, and I am very excited about it!

Oh, also important, I am taking Finding Grace out of Kindle Unlimited. It will go wide hopefully two weeks from now, depending on how long it takes for the other avenues to approve it. I will make sure to post the links here as soon as they’re ready.

November Post 1: Personal Life

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while. Because it’s been so long, I’ve decided to break the update into three posts: Personal, reader, and writer. That way, if you don’t really care about the personal stuff, or you just want to read the writer stuff, you don’t have to search through a whole post. Hopefully after this I can start blogging consistently, so I can put it all in one post.

So, as many of you know, I have depression and anxiety. This year I finally got approved for Medicaid, which I had been trying to get for four years, with no reply of any kind. So, I started trying to get treatment for it. This ended up killing my motivation for everything, including writing. At this point, I was supposed to be working on Found, but I’m still only a third of the way through Lost.

I have finally been able to get my writing going again, and I’m hoping that I can get back into blogging as well.

My main concerns now are finding medications that work and that are covered by Medicaid. I was hoping to get put on Fanapt again, since it worked years ago, but it is not covered, and super expensive without insurance. So, hopefully on the 15th my psychiatrist will be able to find something else.