November Post 1: Personal Life

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while. Because it’s been so long, I’ve decided to break the update into three posts: Personal, reader, and writer. That way, if you don’t really care about the personal stuff, or you just want to read the writer stuff, you don’t have to search through a whole post. Hopefully after this I can start blogging consistently, so I can put it all in one post.

So, as many of you know, I have depression and anxiety. This year I finally got approved for Medicaid, which I had been trying to get for four years, with no reply of any kind. So, I started trying to get treatment for it. This ended up killing my motivation for everything, including writing. At this point, I was supposed to be working on Found, but I’m still only a third of the way through Lost.

I have finally been able to get my writing going again, and I’m hoping that I can get back into blogging as well.

My main concerns now are finding medications that work and that are covered by Medicaid. I was hoping to get put on Fanapt again, since it worked years ago, but it is not covered, and super expensive without insurance. So, hopefully on the 15th my psychiatrist will be able to find something else.

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