May 2018 Update

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while…a long while. I’ve been having some problems with my mental health (bipolar 2 disorder), but I think I’m finally back on the saddle!

During this time away from you all, I have finished the rough draft and first draft of Lost, I am editing Taken, and I’ve finished the rough draft of Found and am working on the first draft. Oh, and I published the rewrite of Stolen. I’m a bit behind my publishing schedule, because I was hoping to release Taken at the end of April, but it looks like it will be an end of the summer publish. Hopefully the other two books will be done about that time, so I can get them out quickly soon after.

Now that school’s out for the summer, I am back to waking up early to get writing and editing it, so hopefully I can get some books finished by the end of the summer!

November Update

Well, the year is almost over, and so is Lost and Found! I am now past the 15000 word count mark on Lost, and I’m working on the outline of Found. I’m writing about 500 words a day right now, and am over half way done with the rough draft. Once that’s done, I’m edit Taken one more time, then send it out to betas- hopefully before New Years, then the editor twice, and then formatting, all before April. I might even release it a little earlier if I get signed up for a signing event before it’s chosen release date!

As mentioned in a past recent entry, Finding Grace is now wide, so you can get it through most ebook sellers. I’ve decided to try to run an ad every week, even if it’s just a $5-15 dollar budget. It’s a good place to start with advertising, and if it works, I’ll add more money or try for the more costly advertising varieties.

I’ve had a new med added to my Lamectal, call Abilify. I’ve been more productive on it, and have been writing more, but recently (I’ve been on it a few weeks now), I’ve had this cloud in my head that coffee and aromatherapy is not getting rid of , though both do help.

Oh, and I made salsa!



November Post 2: For readers

This one’s gonna be pretty short. Stolen will be released January 29th of 2018. The book itself is done, it’s just waiting on formatting and the cover. Taken still needs a read-through before being sent out to betas and then the editor, but I’m hoping for it to go out April 24th. Lost is at almost 12,000 words, and I’m thinking about August 28th for it’s release, and October 23 to end the series with Found. I am excited to say, I now officially know how the series will end, and I am very excited about it!

Oh, also important, I am taking Finding Grace out of Kindle Unlimited. It will go wide hopefully two weeks from now, depending on how long it takes for the other avenues to approve it. I will make sure to post the links here as soon as they’re ready.

August Update

August started out iffy for me, but it’s looking up! I’ve got Stolen done and out for beta reading, Taken only needs one more read through before it’s her turn, so now I can put more focus into Lost’s outline, which I’ve been neglecting. I also reformatted Finding Grace! I am so excited about how more professional it looks. Now if only I could get Amazon to upload it right.

The reason I’ve gone ahead and reformatted Finding Grace so soon is because I’m going to start advertising it again. I took a break from marketing to work on the Lost and Found, but since it’s a month behind and I’m broke, I’ve decided to start advertising it again.

July Update!

Well, I am not where I was hoping to be with Stolen and Taken right now. I went through a Bipolar issue and wasn’t able to do a lick of writing for the last two weeks. Yesterday was the first I wrote more than 2 words. I was hoping to be sending Stolen to betas this weekend, along with being done with Taken and setting it aside for editing. Instead, I am adding ANOTHER new scene to Stolen, which means I’ll have to restart this round of editing, and I’m stuck on a paragraph I’m redoing in the last chapter of Taken.

The new plan is to have Stolen out to betas by the end of July, and maybe even have Taken ready too. Then, God willing, I will have Lost uber outlined, and will be able to get that written up quickly in August.

I am still in the process of outlining Lost, and I’ve started to roughly outline Found, getting all the main events listed out and all. I’m still not quite sure how to make the ending I want work, but I’ll get there when I get there.

June Update

It’s month update time! I know, I really put it off, but, in my defense, I’ve been busy!

I have now finished the new rough draft of Stolen, and, you guys, it makes me so happy. There’s plenty of editing to do, but I ended up adding about 10,000 words to it, before edits, so, needless to say, it’ll be quite a different read. Now that Stolen is being edited, I’ve started on Take, which needed more work than I was expecting. I’m about halfway done with it, since it’s still less work than Stolen needed, so my goal is to have it’s rough draft finished, and to have Stolen ready to send out to the beta readers by the end of June.

While doing this, I have also been working on the outline for Lost. I’ve had to figure a lot of details for it already, but I’m hoping that by super outlining it, I can write it a lot faster than the other two. My goal is to start typing in July and have the rough draft finished before school starts in August. The Ultimate Goal is to have it beta ready by then, but we’ll see.

I also started working with someone about the covers. It’s someone who has read the original books, so I can only imagine how awesome she’ll do. I’m starting now because 1. It gets them taken care and out of the way, and 2. Because it gives me time to pay them off before I need them. While my job continues to pay more and more, I still have to make sure I have bill money ready at the right time. I’m thinking I’ll only have eBooks available this time, and then do prints later, when I’m able to decide whether I can do signings next year or not. That, or if that many people want signed copies of the new version.

My hope is to have everything ready for release by January of next year, and be able to release them at a steady pace, a few months apart, but we’ll see. I’m still not sure how to handle the end of the book. I know how I want it to end, but I’m not quite sure how to get there.

Oh, and I am also starting the clean up of a room that, though it’s going to be used for storage, will also hopefully house an office space for me! It’s an extra room that goes unused now, and one of the walls has built in shelves, so if I lean off and move one of the desks over to it, I’d have the perfect little office space! More details *hopefully* next month!

A peek into depression.

Depression is not always about being sad.

I have absolutely no energy or motivation today. I’m able to make myself work on writing stuff and knitting, but even then I still have to convince my body to actually pick the required materials up, and then my mine to focus on them. Am I sad? Nope, I’m actually feeling pretty content, but my body is like, nope.
Now, some people might call this “being lazy”. Heck, my husband thought the same thing until he understood what was really happening. That my body is making every move a struggle, and that, as I sit here, thinking about all the things I should be doing, that needs doing, I’m fighting guilt that I’m a horrible wife, and a disappointment. That guilt will eventually eat at me until my brain succumbs to it, and I end up in tears over a silly comment my husband makes, not realizing what I’ve been doing to myself all day. 
Being aware of what’s happening only makes it worse sometimes. I know what’s going to happen, and yet I still can’t make myself make my body move. This will add to the guilt, which will add to the explosion that will eventually follow. God willing, it won’t happen at work tonight (which it has a few times, but was contained to the bathroom or my car, and was not actually related to what was said to me.)
This is why medication and mental health care is so important. Once my meds are figured out, these dark days will lessen, and be less serious. Everyone has bad days, so I will still have them, but they won’t be the kind that make me feel like the world would be better without me. But I don’t have to feel this way, and you don’t either. 

Omg, Another Entry…

…in the same month! Ya’ll should be proud of me. I don’t know if it’s the meds, but I have been a writing beast this week!

I am over halfway done on Stolen’s new rough draft, on chapter 10 of what is now out of 16 chapters instead of 14, and I’ve started a new, secret project that I am really excited about. It’s still in the planning stages (character names and development, outlines, etc), and I’m afraid to really go into details in case you all get excited about it and then I never finish it. If I do finish it, the hope is that I can put it out between The Lost and Found series and the In The Night series. It is a stand alone, so it’d be perfect for that, and is a bit different than what I’ve been writing so far, but it’s still in the YA romance fantasy genre, though I don’t think it qualifies as paranormal, but we’ll see.

As many of you should know by now, unless you’re a new follower and have not read my past entries, while I have always struggled with anxiety and depression, I have now officially been diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder. I go through hypo-manic and depression phases, but I have more depression phases than hypo-manic ones. I’ve been playing with lowering my processed sugar intake (not cutting it out completely, just lowering it) because it could be a trigger, and I think I’m right. Last night I had a lot of sugar. A Lot. Granted, it might be because I’ve been eating less of it this week (like I said, I haven’t cut it out completely), but it’s also only been a week, not a month, but today I’m having some trouble focusing on tasks, and my brain feels like it’s buzzing a bit, so I might be investing in sugar free stuff from now on. This is going to be interesting.

May Update

So, I finally writing again! One of my biggest fears was that, once I was on my medication, the words would stop. It’s silly, since I’ve been writing since I was, like, 6, but I’ve heard stories where hobbies you picked up without meds go away with meds. Well, now that I’m somewhat balanced, I’m back!

So, quick Stolen update. I’m am now on Ch. 9. I’ve added three new chapters, and 10,000 words to the original. It feels so much better now, and I believe it is becoming what it was supposed to be all along, before Grace butted in and took over. Right now, most of what I’ll be doing is adjusting the old chapters to fit the new ones, but there’s still plenty of new text to be added too. School’s out now, so hopefully I will get this book done by August. My ultimate goal is to have Stolen and Taken beta ready by August, but I refuse to rush them this time- defeats the whole purpose of the rewrites.

May Check In

At this point, my goal is going to be to make monthly posts, since weekly posts don’t seem to be possible for me right now.

So, I am about halfway through the Stolen rewrites. I’ve added two completely new chapters, along with fixing the others. Now it’s just about readjusting the story line to fit the new events, so hopefully work on it should speed up, especially since school is basically over for the semester.

Right now, my struggle with depression and anxiety is taking priority. I restarted medication in February, but it has not been going well. I have an appointment tomorrow to try something new, so hopefully there will be an improvement on my work ethic. I have been having states of constant brain fog, of zero motivation, as well as major issues focusing. In other words, I was functioning better without medication than I am with it right now. I barely got my work completed, and, to be honest, it was not the best I could have done.

So, right now, this summer is about healing and relaxing, along with working. I will start seeing a counselor for some other issues that have come to light, I will continue to see my doctor and try medications, and I will be attempting a technology diet. I say diet, not fast, because I will still be checking Facebook, but I will attempt to keep it to twice a day, along with still checking email, texts, and messages as they come. I will use my Kindle for reading instead of my phone, since my Kindle doesn’t have another abilities besides reading, and I will be doing the majority of my writing in actual notebooks instead of processors, though I will still type up what I write eventually.

I already did a light attempt at it, and wrote more than five words for the first time in weeks, so I think this is exactly what I need.