Finding Grace

Finding Grace E-Book CoverFinding Grace

This book is a prequel to The Lost and Found Series.

Will she let her past control her future?
Grace Canten is a wolf shifter who has been hiding from her past for the last five years. With just her and her pit bull, Dorian, she works at a low key, fast food job, and works hard to forget who she used to be. So when the new, hot shifter working next door starts sniffing around, will she be able to let go of her fear and accept who she really is, or will she lose her chance at a life, and love?
When Ramsey Gable gets a job at the mechanic shop next door to a fast food joint, he was only hoping to help his pack.  Finding a cute shifter with baggage was not part of the plan. Ramsey doesn’t understand what Grace is so afraid of, but will he be able to accept her when he finds out her dark secret?
And Grace’s past isn’t done with her yet. As she fights to defend the people she loves, she must find the strength do whatever it takes, even if it means losing everything.
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