The Lost and Found Series

KindleStolen, Book One of the Lost and Found Series

Becca Green’s life is perfect. The perfect town, the perfect family, and the perfect friends. But when Jayden Wright sneaks into town, Becca can only watch as he tears her perfect world apart.

But when her family is attacked, Becca has to decide if she can trust Jayden. As she learns his secrets, she learns that her family has secrets of their own…and that this is just the beginning…


Front CoverTaken, Book Two of the Lost and Found Series

Savannah Bradley never noticed that she was different than everyone else.  At least not until she woke up in a strange house and in a body she barely recognized as her own.  After meeting the family who lives there, she was determined to find out what happened to her and find a way home.  There’s only one problem-she’s surrounded by werewolves, including Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome, Aiden Porter.

As Savannah starts her new life, she discovers an inner strength that is just as strong as her bodily strength.  With the help of new friends she learns about a war and the part that she may play in it.  But is she ready when Aiden makes it clear he’s not willing to give up the bond they share without a fight?

Lost, Book Three of The Lost and Found series

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