Donate on pause…

The Why…

IMG_8184****After Feb. 28th, 2017, this donation is on pause due to financial difficulties. Royalties from purchases after Feb. 28th will not go toward donations.****


It all started with a dog.  A pit bull mix to be exact.  He was big and beautiful and as sweet as could be.  I had always been a pit bull fan, but had never had an experience with one, until Cooper.

And I feel in love.

Meeting, falling for, and loving Cooper changed me.  I was writing Finding Grace at the time and I made sure to find a spot for him, calling him Dorian in the book.  Cooper never lived to see it published.  I made sure that his memory would live forever, even if it was just in a YA novel.  In his memory I decided that any money I personally made on Finding Grace would be donated to the Villalobos pit bull rescue center.  My hope was that we would watch the show “Pit bulls and Paroles” together.  Now I watch it with his little sister, Gremlin, and I still cry almost every episode.

Cooper’s full story in the the back of Finding Grace.

How it works…

This is where it gets a bit complicated.  I get my royalties two months after the month of the purchase.  Like, when I sold a copy in December, I didn’t see that $0.64 cents until the end of February, 60 days later.  This means that, at minimum, the donation would not go out until 60 days later, when the money hit my bank account.

Because I haven’t been making enough royalties for a monthly donation, I do one every six months.

  • June:  $0.00
  • July:  $1.11
  • August:  $0.20
  • September:  $1.42
  • October:  $0.00
  • November:  $1.24

Total: $3.97

Past Donations: